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The North Expedition
An 800 mile, unsupported kite skiing traverse across Alaska.


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Kitesurfing the pristine waters of Coco's Lagoon in Guam.

The sunsets in th South Pacific are not much different than sunsets on the Arctic Ocean.

Biking into the sunset on the frozen Bering Sea at twenty below.

Winter Bike Ride Across Iowa proved to be a full value experience.


Sunset on the Bering Strait.

As fall arrives in northwest Alaska the colors start to change.

And with fall the tundra comes alive with color.

Outside of Nome, near Solomon, Alaska, the Last Train to Nowhere lays testament to a bygone era.

As do the many gold dredges that are all around this part of Alaska.

Fortunatly I spend a lot of time flying around remote parts of Alaska and I never tire of seeing the landscape from the air.  Here are the many lake near Wales, Alaska along the Bering Strait.

And the Alaska Range from the air is always spectacular.

Flying into the evening hours in Eagle River, Alaska.

Initiating launch sequence before getting high.

A recent work trip to Little Diomede found me cruising in the cockpit of a Bell 212 along the northwest coast of Alaska.

Landing on Little Diomede on the Bering Strait is always thrilling....with Big Diomede(Russia) in the background.

Panoramic of Little Diomede Island, Alaska.

A look at life on Diomede.

The shell of a skin boat on Little Diomede, once used for whale, walrus, and seal hunting.

My favorite rock to photograph just south of the Diomede islands....Fairway Rock.

Little Diomede on a normal gloomy day.

A great horned owl hanging aroud my place in Denali Park.

A fox out exploring old mining remnants near Nome, Alaska.

The Russian Orthodox churck on Dutch Harbor/Unalaska in the Aleutians.