Troy in the News

Feature article in the Tri-State Recreation Magazine - August 19th, 2019. Click here.

Poster boy in the actual Aerostich Retail store at their headquarters in Duluth, Minnesota. Click here to see it.

Feature article in the Telegraph Herald about my trips to Little Diomede, June 17, 2019. Click here [pdf] to read it.

Feature article and stories in the January/February 2018 Last Frontier Magazine. Click here [pdf] to see it.

Featured photographs in the 2017, January/February issue of The Last Frontier Magazine.  Click here here [winter paraglide] [pdf]

The latest article about baseball and my Dad from the Telegraph Herald, September 18th, 2016. Click here [pdf]

Telegraph Herald article [pdf] on 'Box 10', October 1st, 2014

BMW ON [pdf], Owners News, September 2014

Cycle World Magazine [pdf], September 2014

Back page Nome Nugget [pdf] in the Nome Nugget. July 3rd, 2014.

Victory University newsletter about a presentation in Melbourne for a group of AVID students.  Read it here

Isle Properites Realty website banner [pdf], Troy Kiteboarding in Guam in 2014

United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association calender features an image of mine. December 2014. Click here [pdf] to see it

The new poster boy on the Aerostich motivational poster. all Supplement 2013. See it here

Signature Luxury Travel and Lifestyle magazine in Australia. Click signature 2 pgs to see the two page spread. November 2013

Images from the Belgica Expedition were selected to hang in the Salamanca Wharf Hotel in Hobart Australia. Check them out next time you are in Hobart!! All images by Laurent Dick

United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association official calendar. Three of my images were selected. Click here to see the calendar images. 2013

Ozone news article on the Bagley Expedition, Spring 2013.

University of Northern Iowa Business Magazine, pages 4-9. Article by Robert Waller, 2013

Ocean Rodeo [pdf] Facebook Banner, Turnagain Arm Images. February 2013

Telegraph Herald Ads [pdf] for Life On The Edge, November 2012

Blog post for Kokatat, November 2012

Editorial [pdf] by my Editor for Life On The Edge, December 20th, 2012

Interview [pdf] for the Telegraph Herald for Life on the Edge.  December, 18th, 2012

Kiteboarding Magazine Bering the Strait. A recap piece about kiteboarding on the Bering Strait and the Russians successful crossing this summer. September 2011

Kiteboarding Magazine January 2011.  Two pages about the kiteboarding expedtion to the Bering Strait.

What'd Ya Know - Troy gets a special mention on Michael Felmans radio show. October 16th, 2010.

Kiteboarders End Bid to Cross Bering Strait.

Anchorage Daily News, September 25th, 2010.

Duo Attempts to Cross Bering Strait by Kiteboard.

Anchorage Daily News, August 7th, 2010.

Ozone Blog -  Ozone kite sponsor blog posting about kiting on the Arctic ocean.

Troy is now an Ozone team rider.

Kokatat Blog - Kokatat sponsor blog posting for North Bound Quest expedition training.

Kiteboarding - Online article about our attempt to cross the Bering Strait kiteboarding.

Twenty Minutes Online January 2009 article in Europe about Bering Strait Kiteboarding expedition.

Kiteboarding Magazine May 2009.  One page spread in Kiteboarding featuring Troy called "This is Your Life"

Pulse Magazine January 2009. The Iceman Cometh.

Alaska Geographic Ad in the program for The National Parks: America's Best Idea.  An Evening with Ken Burns.

Kiteboarding Magazine January 2009.  One page spread documenting the first time anyone has ever kiteboarded the Bore tide in Alaska.

Turnagain Times November 20, 2008.  Short article in this local Alaska newspaper documenting Troy's epic kiteboarding session on Turnagain Arm's infamous session on the bore wave.  See the gallery for more images.

Niebrugge Images August 2008

Photo blog from Seward based photographer Ron Niebrugge trying to capture Troy Kiteboarding the Bore tide in Alaska.

Kiteboarding Magazine July 2008

Article Troy wrote documenting his experience of being the first person in history to Kiteboard in Antarctic waters during the Belgica expedition.

Kitboarding Magazine May 2008

Two page photo spread about Kiteboarding in Antarctica on the Belgica expedition.

Velocity Nation

Online article about Troy's Fisher Mountain bike. October 2007.

Australian National TV Appearance

9am with Dave and Kim. November 2007.

(this is a large file so may take a long time to download)

The Road Less Traveled

Anchorage Press profile of Troy. October 25, 2007.

Adventurers want to cross Bering Strait

Associated Press article about plans to cross the Bering Strait.

Across the Bering Strait
Anchorage Daily News. March 2, 2005.

Mount Everest a Reality TV goal
Telegraph Herald, Dubuque, Iowa. February 1, 2003.

Troy has appeared in the following media:

ABC Primetime TV

ABC Wide World of Sports

Outdoor Life Network - Global Extremes

Sports Illustrated

Rock and Ice Magazine - June 1, 2003

Readers Digest

Climbing Magazine

TV Guide

Telegraph Herald

Des Moines Register

The Associated Press

The Nome Nugget 2005 & 2014

The Anchorage Daily News

Anchorage Press

Anchorage Daily News

VUE 365



Australian National TV

ABC Radio

Outside Radio Network

Radio - KDTH, KAT FM, KGRR, WVRE, Voices of the Tri-States, KXGE, WQPT, KIYX, WPVL


Illinois Public Television

The Alaska Star

The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

Coast Magazine

The Milepost

Perspectives Talk Show

Alaska Magazine

Chugach National Forest Ad campaign

Kiteboarding Magazine - May 2008, July 2008, January 2009, May 2009, January 2011

The Kiteboarder Australia - April 2008

Cool4Antarctica video game experience

Turnagain Times - October 2, 2008

Pulse Magazine - January 9-23, 2009

365Ink Magazine - January 8-21, 2009

Dyersville Commerical - January 7, 2009

Michael Feldmans What'd Ya Know, Radio Show, October 2010.

University of Northen Iowa Business Magazine 2013

Signature Luxury Travel and Lifestyle Magazine, November 2013

Salamanca Wharf Hotel in Hobart Australia - 2013

BMW Owners Magazine

Cycle World Magazine - September 2014

Troys photos and writing has appeared in the following media:

Telegraph Herald - Dubuque, Iowa.

Cabela's - 1998

John Deere Journal - September 2003

Chinook Medical Gear Inc. Cataloge

UNI Alumni Journal

Utivera - January 2006

Anchorage Press

All Iowa Sports

Alaska Comprehensive System of School Assessment Field Test

In the Wake of the

Kiteboarding Magazine

The Kiteboarder - Australia

Turnagain Times - November 20, 2008

Aerostich Rider Wearhouse catalog April 2010, Fall Supplement 2013

Life On The Edge - Book by Troy Henkels

United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Calendar, 2013 & 2014

Cross Country - # 157, February/March 2015. Into The Wild, by Wil Brown

The Midland Times - March 4th, 2016

Cinematography Credits:

Swept Away - Adrift Between Alaska and Siberia a documentary by Filip De Ryke

In The Wake of the Beligca - Contemporary Adventures in a World Upside Down a documentary by Simon Arazi

Ecotone - short film by Piet Goddaer/Ozark Henry and Johnny Steenbeke

White Shadows - From Idea to Tourism, the Myth of Antarctica.

A documentary by Didier Volckaert

The North Bound Quest - Walking the Last Degree .

A film by Pieter Goethals documenting a group who walked the Last Degree.